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Compliance Tracker is a webportal managed by Peacock  Management Consultants Private Limited and wherever  the word  is used it denotes Peacock  Management Consultants Private Limited . invites professionals having flair to write to send their Articles which shall be published , if selected in the Monthly Newsletter circulated to thousands of professionals and also on the webportal.

Authors must ensure that the articles sent by them are their original piece of work and does not infringe copyright of any person/institute, etc. In case of any such infringement, the author of article shall be personally liable for such infringement and any consequent damages. Further, If an article gets published on the website than copyright of such article will vest with

Articles will be published with the Author’s name and the fame shall be the only remuneration.

Guidelines for Authors

  • Following are the points to be kept in Mind while writing articles:

(a).      Length of article – The article should ordinarily have 2000 to 4000 words.

(b).      Moreover, A longer article may be considered if the subject so warrants.

(c).      Heading of article – Heading should be precise and reflective of contents.

(d).      Brief: It is in essence a short summary of the article, reflecting main thrust of the article.

(e).      Article should have following main parts:

  • INTRODUCTION: It should contain 200 to 300 words
  • It should be well-structured and synchronized.
  • Each para should bear a suitable heading. A para may be divided into sub-paras with suitable sub-headings.
  • Conclusion – It should contain about 200 words.
  • Law stated – Please ensure that the law stated is accurate and the latest one. In case any development takes place after the submission of the article, but before its publication, please contact us immediately so that we can stop the publication of the same and publish the same after necessary correction from your side.
    1. Name, address and contact number should be emailed along with the article.
    2. The article must be original contribution of the author.
    3. Signed ‘Declaration-cum-Undertaking’ should be emailed along with article in PDF format a well as word format.
    4. It is to be ensured that the article is sent exclusively to for publication on its website.
    5. The article must not have been published elsewhere, and must not have been or must not be sent elsewhere for publication, in the same or substantially the same form.
    6. The articles go through blind review and are assessed on the parameters such as:

(a) Relevance and usefulness of the article (from the point of view of company secretaries),

(b) organization/ presentation of the article (structuring, sequencing, construction, flow, etc.),

(c) Persuasive strength of the article (idea/argument/articulation),

(d) Does the article say something new and is it thought provoking, and

(e) adequacy of reference, source acknowledgement and bibliography, etc.

  • The and its team have the sole discretion to accept/reject an article for publication on its website or to publish it with modification and editing, as it considers appropriate.
   I hereby confirm that I have read, understood and accept the attached conditions regarding publication of Article.




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