ABC & co, CA firm was appointed as statutory auditor of private ltd co. for term of 5 years ending on 31.03.2020. But in AGM of FY 2018, ABC & Co do not want to continue and company is appointing new CA firm XYZ & Co. as Statutory Auditor . Mr A is member of both the firm i.e XYZ and ABC that in E-form ADT-1 there is in option for specify the tenure of previous appointment(s) of the auditor or auditor's firm or its member in the same company in which audit was conducted or its functioning (excluding previous years having break of five or more years as specified in Rule 6). So, in such a case which option needs to be selected from the drop-down i.e Individual OR Member of Auditor's firm OR Auditor's Firm. is it mandatory to add this information at all as both the firm's have same member.

Section 139 Appointment of auditors.

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