MCA Notification regarding the Companies (Registration Offices and fees) Amendment Rules, 2014


MCA has notified the Companies (Registration Offices and fees) Amendment Rules, 2014 which is applicable w.e.f 28-04-2014. To view notification Click Here.

The following e-forms shall be shall be pre-certified by the Chartered Accountant or the Company Secretary or Cost Accountant, in whole-time practice.

  • INC-21, INC-22, INC-28,
  • PAS.3,
  • SH.7,
  • CHG-1, CHG-4, CHG-9,
  • MGT-14,
  • DIR-6, DIR-12,
  • MR-1, MR-2,
  • MSC-1, MSC-3, MSC-4,
  • GNL.3,
  • ADT-1,
  • NDH-I, NDH-2, NDH-3; 

However, according to the above rule OPC and Small Companies need not to get any pre-certification of above mentioned e-forms.

In addition to it, the newly introduced Rule 12(b)(iv) prescribes for exclusive certification of Form MGT-10 (Form for Changes in shareholding position of promoters and top ten shareholders) by Company Secretary in whole time practice.

 Further, MCA has done Mapping of e-forms prescribed under the Companies Act, 2013 with e-forms prescribed under Companies Act, 1956,which provides a comparative list containing all e-Forms required to be filed under Companies Act, 1956 with new e-forms as prescribed under Companies Act, 2013 with their purpose. To view map Click Here.