In view of addition of Telangana state, MCA revised the version of forms

Version of the following forms will be changed effective from 2nd June 2014 in view of addition of Telangana state. You are requested to plan accordingly: 

Forms under Companies Act 2013: CHG-1; CHG-4; CHG-6; CHG-9; DIR-3; DIR-6; DIR-12; FC-1; FC-2; FC-3; FC-4; GLN-1; GNL-3; SH-7; INC-1; INC-2; INC-3; INC-4; INC-6; INC-7; INC-21; INC-22; INC-23; INC-28; MR-2; MGT-6; MGT-14; RD-2; ADJ; 

Forms under Companies Act 1956: Form 20B; Form 21A; Form 22; Form 23C; Form 23D 

LLP Forms: Form 1LLP; Form 8LLP; Form 12LLP; Form 14LLP; Form 15LLP; Form 25LLP; Form 27LLP; Form 29LLP 

Other Forms: Bank ACC; Refund; Investor Complaint Form