Amend if you want your stamp on Companies Act 2013, tells Sachin Pilot to Narendra Modi government.

7 July,2014

NEW DELHI: Amid rising clamour for changes in the new companies law, former Corporate Affairs Minister Sachin Pilot has said that the new government is entitled to make revisions to put its own "stamp", but it would be wrong to say that stakeholders were not consulted for the Act. 

Pilot, who was instrumental in getting passed the new Companies Act 2013 that had been in making for ten years, also said that the purpose of this path-breaking legislation should not be lost while making changes to it.

"Tweak it (new companies law) if you want to show your stamp in the Act, because you are in the government that is fine but you must not lose sight of the fact why the Act and sections of the Act were first passed," Pilot told PTI in an interview here. 

Many provisions of the legislation, which replaces the Companies Act, 1956, came into force from April 1 this year. 

Referring to the Act, Pilot said everything was done to be comprehensive, consultative and as inclusive as possible .