All Small NBFC's have to raise their NOF upto 200 lacs.

The NBFC (Non-Banking Finance Company) sector has evolved considerably in terms of its size, operations, technological sophistication, and entry into newer areas of financial services and products. NBFCs are now deeply interconnected with the entities in the financial sector, on both sides of their balance sheets. Being financial entities, they are as exposed to risks arising out of counterparty failures, funding and asset concentration, interest rate movement and risks pertaining to liquidity and solvency, as any other financial sector player. At the same time there are segments within the sector that do not pose any significant risks to the system. There is therefore, a felt need to address the risks, without impeding the dynamism displayed by NBFCs in delivering innovation and last mile connectivity for meeting the credit needs of the productive sectors of the economy.

With the above background, a review of the entire regulatory framework for the NBFC sector has been undertaken with a view to transitioning, over time, to an activity based regulation of NBFCs. As a first step in this direction, certain changes to the regulatory framework are sought to be made to:

a) address risks wherever they exist,

b) address regulatory gaps and arbitrage arising from differential regulations, both within the sector as well as vis-a-vis other financial institutions,

c) harmonise and simplify regulations to facilitate a smoother compliance culture among NBFCs, and

d) strengthen governance standards.

Given the need for strengthening the financial sector and technology adoption, and in view of the increasing complexities of services offered by NBFCs, it shall be mandatory for all NBFCs to attain a minimum NOF of Rs. 200 lakh by the end of March 2017, as per the milestones given below:

• Rs. 100 lakh by the end of March 2016
• Rs. 200 lakh by the end of March 2017

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