News Highlight: Stakeholders face glitches in using MCA21 portal

NEW DELHI: Stakeholders are facing glitches in using the government's upgraded MCA21, the portal used for making electronic filings under the companies law, while systems manager Infosys said it is working to resolve the "minor teething problems".

MCA21 is managed by Infosys for the Corporate Affairs Ministry, which is implementing the Companies Act.

After upgradation to run on SAP platform, MCA21 went live on March 27, and since then there have been some glitches such as difficulty in uploading documents.

When contacted, an Infosys spokesperson said "there have been minor teething problems" and the company is working closely with the ministry to resolve the issues related to the new electronic forms (eforms) that are being reported from the field.

In a notice posted on its website, the ministry said "few stakeholders may experience some inconvenience intermittently for next few days" following the MCA21 upgrade.

"The new MCA21 portal went live on March 27, 2016 for company services. This change is in the larger interest of the stakeholders.

"However, due to this change, few stakeholders may experience some inconvenience intermittently for next few days," the notice said.

In an e-mailed statement, Infosys said the system is stable and performance is satisfactory in terms of filing count.

"Within six days of go-live, the daily filing count (on April 2) has exceeded what it used to be before the upgraded system went live. Centralised processing of Company Incorporation Services has also been launched along with the upgraded MCA21V2 on March 28, 2016, which is targeted at processing the eforms within one day from the filing.

"Since the new system has gone live, almost 2,000 incorporation related filings have been made successfully and baring those which were filed on Saturday, most are being processed within a day from the date of filing," the company spokesperson said.

MCA21 has been in place for many years and its second phase runs from January 2013 to July 2021.

The portal is designed to fully automate all processes related to enforcement and compliance of legal requirements under the Companies Act.